Roger's Last Laugh

It all began in Montreal in 1977. Incensed by the boorish behaviour of a "fan", Waters gobbed into his face. That incident generated a thought that it would be far better to build an onstage wall between the "fans" and band - a place where the band could perform away from the cat-calling, beer swilling, shouting morons who at that time had started to infiltrate Pink Floyd's stadium and arena shows. It was also perhaps the catalyst that led the notoriously grouchy Waters to become even more isolated and acidic, and he would regularly dismiss stadium shows for years to come.

"Who let all of this riff-raff into the room? There's one smoking a joint, And another with spots!If I had my way, I'd have all of you shot!"

Zip forward to 2011. Waters is grossing - by my reckoning - somewhere in the region of £750,000 per night as he recreates Pink Floyd's masterpiece The Wall in large arenas around the globe. As Roger will tell you every night, he's a far happier man than he was all those years ago, yet nothing has really changed. The same morons are still inhabiting these gigs, happy to pay seventy five quid to talk loudly with their mates, and get up to go for a piss / beer / fucking hot dog every five minutes, delighting in disrupting the gig for every other poor fucker who is sat on their row. My only chance the see The Wall ruined by the same type of selfish cunts that you always seem to get going to gigs these days.

Roger doesn't mind though. At least he can get his revenge on these bastards by charging that £75 per ticket and getting them to pay another £35 for a t-shirt. Good on him I say. I'd be happy to pay £300 to sit behind the wall with him next time around.


Website Revamp

Spent much of the last few days trying to revamp the rather tired looking Just a few bits to finish off but it certainly has a more up to date feel about it. There was some stuff on there I hadn't updated since about 2003 which is piss poor by any standard!


Must. Stop. Researching.

340,000 words and counting all stashed away here in Word docs. Help.


This Is Gonna Be Epic

Right. That's now 280,000 words of research on the mystery band. In a few days I'll be done. Then it's a case of starting the interview process with those willing to speak to me, and finally to start to knit thit beast together and write the bastard. Watch this space . . .


And Back To Book Two

Well it's taken a while, what with all the fallout from the Dream Theater story, a three week vacation and a few other pieces to write for Classic Rock Presents Prog, but I'm finally getting stuck into book number two. I still feel that I'm only scratching the surface in terms of research, and yet I've hit the 200,000 word mark. When you think the DT book was about 140,000, that gives you an idea. And I've not even started the interview process with any of the people close to the band in question.

I can't tell you who the book is on at the moment. I'll have to leave that to your vivid imaginations. But for those of you who bother coming back (there must be a couple of you at least . . .), please keep checking here and I'll keep you updated. All two of you . . .